Monday, September 21, 2009

Giveaway Monday

Thanks so much for your entry! Little Mr. "A" just won his family a free session and an 8x10 and he is entered into the monthly draw. If you have a cute story or picture (even from when you were young) just share it with me and the world at and you could win next Monday!

With Pre-School starting again this year I just wanted to share with you a picture of "A" from last year after I picked him up. I had my camera with me hoping for some awesome first day of preschool shots, and this is what I got! He wasn't sad to stay at school he was devastated to leave all those awesome toys at school. All these great things you try to do for your child as a mother and it just seems to bite ya in the butt!

Speaking of contests I just thought I would share with you that I won one of the top seven prizes out of hundreds of entries for the "Please Mum" summer writing contest.

You can check out my winning entry and the other winners. I received a $50 gift card so that is $10 per kid! Shopping spree.

Have a great week!

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