Wednesday, September 2, 2009


While on summer holidays this year ,our family stumbled onto a true Saskatchewan drinking game. We were more about the game than about the drinking but it was a lot of fun especially for the kids. The basic concept is that you have two platforms (hockey sticks with a hockey puck drilled into them) and you stand 40 feet apart and try to knock the other teams can off their platform. You get points for catching the Frisbee, knocking off the can, catching the can, and there is no goal tending allowed. Here is a link to a website about beersbee and more of the rules. (This isn't my website just so you know!) Pat made a quick version of the game and he is such a perfectionist the first day it rained he went to the hardware store and got matching sticks pucks and screws and "Patified" the beersbee game to look awesome.

Apparantely the game is better with your shirt off!

See ya next time!!


Unknown said...

Love it!! Glad you are starting them up early - they are already ready for college!!

Unknown said...

Love the photos! Those are some great shots! Add them to the Beersbee facebook page...

Taking beersbee across the US -

Unknown said...

Those are some great pics of some beersbee action! It is an awesome game, with fun to be had by all!

A new site was started in 2010 to teach people to play beersbee, check it out if you are new to the game:

Happy Beersbee'N!