Monday, July 13, 2009

Thanks for the comments

I have had some people email me over the last week and I appreciate all the comments and feedback so much. Yes, I was reinspired by the Oprah rerun last week "tales from the motherhood" where the moms were discussing the good, the bad and the ugly of being a mom. There were moms on there who were making money blogging! Well with five kids to raise I am all about finding a way to send them to University without selling my eggs or taking up a paper route. (Why is it that every kids wants a paper route? They beg and they beg until you give in and who is the one in the end that is up at 5 am in the pouring rain delivering those papers.....Mom and Dad!) Anyway, I followed the moms on Oprah's advice and put ads on my blog and so far I have made $15 in a week from readers clicking on the ads under my posts. I am not sure how it all works but heck I will take $15 for something I was doing for free anyway.

I have really enjoyed blogging for my own sanity because when Carson sneaks out to the garage totally naked and gets the Turtle ice cream out of the freezer and is covered head to toe or when Kelsey was little and took a poop behind the couch ( yes I did take a picture of it) and I catch him I think, "I gotta put this on the blog" I definitely see the funnier side of things and think I gotta get my camera. It is definitely therapy for me and if I can help to lighten someone elses day all the better. So I am going to try and blog every day so check back often and feel free to comment or send the link to any stressed out moms you know and we can bond.........
Thanks for reading and here are a few comments I have recieved

Corla, I have been wanting to send you a message for a week or so and finally everyone is in bed and the house is quiet... Do you ever watch Oprah well they are in reruns currently, so I caught a show when at the cabin talking about being a mom the good the bad and the ugly. Anyway one of the people I think she was on the panel had a website; (I believe) anyway long story short she makes $40,000 a month through advertisements and her husband has quit his job as well now. She was in web design prior to starting her blog - which I am sure was benificial. Anyway I checked out the website when I got back home to see what it was like and personally your blogs are far better, in my opinion. I have jinxed myself and now the baby is up so I'll ttyl Jodi

I have to agree with Judi! I was up until midnight last night reading your blog laughing my butt off! I have to be honest when I think I'm having a bad day with my boys.... I think of you and it goes away! You'll have to teach me some patience sometime!Very Nice pictures

You make my really should write a book I am telling you it would be a bestseller! Judi

cute pictures. I love the one with Ellie watning to eat the sand. That's all Ava did when we went to the beach Stacey

Hi Corla. Well firstly I have to stop rolling on the floor laughing to type this. I am having a totally crappy day. I'm not feeling well which sucks because just the thought of the 5 weddings, 20 grads, 1 maternity and 6 family sessions that I still have to edit with more 5 more shoots this week brings me to tears. And instead of tidying up the house as I have clients coming in the morning, I go to facebook to console myself. Then I see your comment about nudes on the beach which of course peaks my interest, lol. Not the kind of nudes I was hoping for I might add, but they were cute pix. But its the previous posts that got me. The story about your run away van, literally brought me to tears I was laughing so hard. I could envision the whole thing. And the "Momgyver" was priceless. I am old enough by the way to remember that. All of those posts totally helped me feel a little better so I just wanted to say thanks for that.HugsSharonPS: I am still giggling about the dime stuck to your son as he slept. Man I can relate to that, lol. Thanks again.

awesome pictures Corla.. as always.. love the I read it the other night I was laughing so hard I was crying Crysta
And here is the photo of the day.... I guess it was a long weekend! Stay tuned for upcoming posts...........Old Man Balls and It's a Rodeo!

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