Monday, July 6, 2009

Me Time!

The last day of school came and went and I barely noticed as I was frantically finishing grad portraits.  Grad this year in Swift landed on a Friday so in the midst of it all I took a brief moment to walk Kelsey to the bus for his final Kindergarden pick up.  I was caught of guard as I found myself tearing up walking him down the block to catch his last noon bus.  Next year, he would be off for a full day of school and this would be the last time he would need me to walk him to the bus.  A right of passage that seemed sadder than the first day he got on the bus.  The feelings I was having were enhanced that much more as Moms and Dads brought their "babies" to my house that day for their grad pictures.  What is going to happen in five years when my oldest Levi is the one graduating and believe it or not my baby Ellie will be in Kindergarden!  Is it just me or is there something wrong with that picture?  Pretty much I will have diapers and diplomas.  

On Monday summer holidays started and that means a holiday for the kids and a whole lotta fighting, yelling, headaches and chaos for moms.  For me nothing changed.  The laundry was still there, my computer still called from my office, "come work on me...."  lunches still needed to be made, but now on top of all that the kids wanted to be entertained.  My friend dropped her two boys off for a play because they were bored at the babysitters.  A few minutes after they arrived my kids decided to roll in the mud.  I wouldn't let them in the house instead I marched them over to the spray park to clean off.  (Hey my cleaning lady is on summer holidays too!)  The spray park is right next door to my friend's house and since the kids hadn't eaten lunch and there were no groceries in the house I decided to raid her kitchen for cheese slices and KD. 

After lunch the kids did a great job of entertaining themselves with a ball game.  I was yelling out the window at them, "get off first base".  My friend who I was on the phone with asked, "why what is first base?"  I replied. "the baby in the exersaucer"    "Nice"  was her only reply.

 I quickly realized if I didn't run away from home (yes with the kids) I would probably lose my mind!

So I packed up the five kids and dog and shook a few things out of the laundry hamper for myself and off we went to the lake.  I was really hoping for some "Me Time"

Well here is a chronicle of the "Me time" I had on my trip.

Feed me
Come tuck me in
He's touching me
She's touching me
He's looking at me
She won't give it back to me
Help me get dressed
Mom look at me
Give that to me...Seriously give that to me.....Give it TO ME NOW!
Take me to the beach
Somebody help me to get the sand out of my butt
Give me an underduck
Take me for a boat ride
Read me a story 

So much for "Me Time."  Maybe when Ellie Graduates in 2027...........  

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