Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movies under the stars

It has been at least twenty years since I have had the pleasure of being at a drive in movie. The last time I was at a Drive would have been the "all nighters" in Watrous. Although I don't recall sneaking into the movie in the trunk I also don't recall watching any of the movie. It was more about visiting and chasing boys.

Tonight my good friend Sam and I took 13 kids or I guess I can consider Kimbi an adult now so 12 kids a dog and two moms and one cool teenager almost adult headed out to the Drive in just outside of Kyle. From the moment I turned the corner I knew it was going to be awesome. Just a treasure in the middle of a field. This was right up my alley. They actually have a playground right in front of the screen. We all camped out on blankets and watched "Imagine That" a cute Eddie Murphy film. We stared at the stars and ended up with about 4 of the kids sleeping. All went well until we went to leave and in the process of taking these pictures and lifting up my bunny hug 5 times to feed the baby I managed to lose the keys to Frank the Tank. I had a minor heart attack as I envisioned phoning my hubby who was already sleeping at home to get the spare set and drive 50 min out of town to bring them to me. Luckily a nice man with a large spotlight found them for us! Wheeew.
Now that I have gone with the kids this will definitely be a yearly event. Thanks to the Magic 97.1 for the passes I won on the radio station by idenifying the movie "Get Smart" ( I guess there are some advantages to a DVD player in the vehicle and listening to one movie over and over 65 000 times.

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