Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Nanny Diaries

I just got off the phone with my good friend Alison. My husband thinks that I spend far to much time on the phone and he is probably right. Call me crazy but once and a while I need to take a break from the diaper changing, nose wiping, butt wiping, finger wiping, owwie kissing, boobie sucking and talk to a real live grown up. Alison is a smart cookie who has been on the phone with me on more than one occasion when world war three is going on the background so when a friend of hers mentioned that she was looking into getting a nanny, she immediately thought of me.

Here is how I would imagine the web interview would go...
Hello nice to meet you!

Hi we are Pat and Corla.

Oh you look like lovely people tell me about your family.
Well we have five children. The oldest is an entertaining preteen who is 12 going on 20. He enjoys walking around the house half dressed and rarely ever sleeps. Olivia is quiet until you try to brush her hair or whenever she is anywhere near her brothers, Kelsey can charm you with that smile and those dimples and if you ask him he will tell you he is very sensitive (his Dad told him that) he knows it is true because every time he goes on the monkey bars he gets blisters. Carson is on the go full time and if you turn your back for two seconds he could be anywhere or doing anything from going next door to ask our neighbor who is 50 if he can come out to play to painting the walls with chocolate pudding. The baby is pretty good natured as long as she is attached to her mother and like to sleep in her mom's armpit. She has learned to amuse herself, feed herself and if she could just learn to change her own diaper we will be set. Pat works out of town in six different communities, he volunteers for a number of committees. Corla is running her business from home. Our hobbies currently include child care, house cleaning and laundry. The kids are involved in hockey, playschool, swimming, boxing, bowling, choir, music lessons, baseball, art lessons, brownies and golf.

Hello, Hello are you still there??? We must have lost the connection.

I do think it would be an awesome option for us as life isn't slowing down any time in the near future and with me staring a business/studio out of the house it would be much easier to have someone right in the house so I don't have to drag kids out in 40 below weather. I would love to hear your opinions....

Here is the picture of the day.  We are staying at my Mom's house.  It is odd to be in a house where there is no markers on the walls.  She occasionally freaks out about the five kids overtaking her house.  She has crazy rules like no chocolate ice cream in the living room and no muddy dogs on the bed!  Maybe I should try that at my house.  Last night I went to bed and there was Kelsey for some reason had money stuck to him.  Then today looking at the pictures I realized my mom had taken the "good pillowcases" off the pillows.  Ahh well at least there is no plastic on the couch!!

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Unknown said...

Hilarious!! :) Love the money shot...