Friday, July 31, 2009

Sniff Sniff

Yesterday I had a very busy day cleaning and doing laundry. What!?!?! I know it is some shocking news but that is not the bad part. On January 1st like mos of us I made a New Years Resolution. I promised the usual things like lose the baby weight ( I was truly hoping to give birth to a 35 pound baby so I would only have to lose 5 pounds. To my suprise I had a 5 pound baby and the opposite was true) I also vowed to be nicer, learn to bake bread, get organized and blah blah blah. All those things lasted about a week but there was one resolution I vowed to myself that I wouldn't break and I did yesterday about 20 times. I promised that I would no longer sniff things. It is as instinctual to me to pick something up off the floor and sniff it as it is to Ellie to put things off the floor in her mouth ( I need someone watching over me to reach over and slap my hand and say no no yucky and I pull something off the floor and bring it towards my nose.)

First I picked up some of the towels below the dryer where my kids had pulled half the clean laundry out mixing it with the dirty stuff. Heaven knows I don't want to do any more laundry then I already have to give it the sniff test and sure enough it was the towel from the upstairs bathroom that the dog peed and pooped on. Now just the smell in the room is bad enough but to actually pick it up and put your nose on it. Gross. Then upstairs in the boys room I pulled a pair of gotchies out of the clean laundy basket with a skid mark on them. I thought to myself ,"How could that be there? These just came out of the laundry." Why of why would I do it? I can see with my eyes right in front of me it is a brown stain in a three year old's gotch really what else could it be? Did he have a chocolate fondu set up in his room and dip his undies in? Maybe some brown marker? What, what did I think it was going to smell like. Like after 37 years of knowing what poop smells like that today in some Twilight Zone episode (now kiddies that isn't with Edward and Bella) that I would sniff those gotchies and it would smell like honeysuckle or vanilla cookie. Of course it is going to smell just like poop.

What is wrong with me? I tell you ladies stay strong resist the urge to sniff. When you find your 13 year olds shirt crumpled on the floor say to yourself today I am just going to add this shirt to the giant mound of laundry rather than sniff the pit!

Have a good day. Keep it sniff free!


Sheila said...

Oh my word lol I am a sniffer too lol...

jmintuck said...

I like to sniff sometimes too, dont know why. And I will sniff anything!