Monday, July 27, 2009


My blog is whinny because I am not paying any attention to it. Well get in line and stop your crying. Yeah you were fun for a while, but I am busy and now I have to get back to real life like taking a nine month old for her six month needles, (Carson said to the health nurse "Please, don't hurt our baby." ) and driving out of town to deliver a part for my hubby's broken car. I promised the kids if they were good I would take them swimming. Well, I was good to my word we showed up at 3:45 and swimming was over at 4 so they had to swim fast. Well I am sorry blog I didn't mean to neglect you. I will try to update you...........
Recently, I was asked to come and speak to a group of fantastic young ladies about photography. Ellie and I were more than happy to come out and share some information with the "girls on the move" here in Swift Current. The leaders had cameras for the girls to try out. It was lots of fun. I always love talking with people! If your group needs a speaker on photography, work from home moms, uplifing/motivation (at least my life isn't that crazy compared to Corla's travelling nutshow) or how to wipe bums and noses and nailpolish out of carpets I'm your gal!

Ellie and her buddy.
Reach for the sky!
Such a fun shot. I just saw her at the park and she had to let me know her cast was off.

Ellie was very entertaining.

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