Friday, July 10, 2009

Car Troubles (Not Carson!)

My neighbor reminded me that bad things come in threes so I think I am ok for a while now. My mom came for a visit the last week in June to help with work and kids and hit an antelope and wrecked her car. She borrowed my brother's van and still came.

Then last Thursday while I was packing to go to the lake, I asked Kelsey to grab the keys to unlock the van and get Carson's sandals from inside. No sooner than I had walked back in the house, Olivia yelled, "Mom, the van is moving!" I ran outside to see my worst nightmare, my van was rolling backwards down the driveway and picking up speed. I yelled to Olivia, "Is anyone in there?" She yelled back to assure me "no". As I chased my unmanned, runaway van down my street I imagined every horrible ending to this scenario. The van hit the curb of the neighbors two doors down and then turned to head the other way across the street with me madly in pursuit. I don't really know what I thought I was going to do about it but I was escorting it down the street yelling, "Get out of the way, there is no one in there" to the one unfortunate neighbor who happened to be on her lawn gardening. And as quickly as it had started rolling away by some act of God I am sure it stopped on a neighbor's lawn five houses away. Well that's one way to get the blood pumping.

Who needs to go to the gym when you can elevate your heart rate to one thousands beats per minute and get a good sprint going at the same time. Hopefully, Kelsey won't make this our regular early morning workout.

After a relaxing week at the lake and Davidson I had to get back to the real world so Ellie and I set off on an Excellent Adventure! I didn't want to take our Hutterite wagon that seats eight people when it was just the two of us so I borrowed my brother and sister in law's car. She said, "sure you can take it if you have Faith in it because it has a few miles on it." Well darn it anyway she jinxed me. Here I am on the side of the road near Herbert.
I packed a lunch for when we got home but no spoon so I "Mom-Gyvered" a spoon out of a juice box ( some of you are probably to young to remember the Macgyver tv show where he could make a bomb out of dental floss and chewing gum.....oh that reminds me don't ever let Carson watch Macgyver)

People were whipping past me on the highway while I was unsuccesfully trying to open the hood. I guess I no longer posses the power to stop trafic by bending over the car. Ahh if only I had packed my Daisy Dukes. Finally a nice farmer named Mike stopped to help. My carhart wearing hero!

What a great way to return from my a tow truck. I think the folks on my block are going to need extra insurance. At least I came home to a clean house, laundry done and a romantic sushi supper with my hubby!!

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