Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cut the Cord......

I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights. (Maya Angelou)

This pretty much sums up my day.....
It just so happens that I had all of these things happen to me today and I am not sure that I passed any test. I went to bed last night with thoughts of the kids at the park and me working on the computer, cleaning the house and getting many of my erands done. Unfortunately for me mother nature was not co-operating. The five bored, restless, kids and I spent the day inside driving eachother crazy. There was hairpulling, crying, fighting, tattling, just general drama (no it wasn't all me it was the kids too!)

The one errand I did have to run involved a haircut... Can you tell by the picture who the haircut was for? I will give you a hint. The next customer in line had peed and pooped themselves. Hopefully from the hint you guessed it was Daphne the Dog and not me( although if we were talking about labour the answer may be different but I digress). Hey I get it being a mom means that you have to sacrafice things like sleep, (did I mention Ellie got her imunization yesterday), and your body, and your sanity and every bit of your time, money, moment of your life. (and when your 12 year old says he wants to spend his money cause it is his money and he should do what he wants with it you think to yourself why do I share my money with you people............If I just didn't have to feed you I could buy pants that went all the way to the floor and get a real haircut rather than cutting my own bangs with the scissors from the steak knife set). But really, who do you think deserves a day at the spa more? Me who looks like I combed my hair with a porkchop and styled it with an eggbeater (Alison) or the dog who craps and whizzes on my laundry and has never made one darn penny in her life!!

While we were out picking up Daphne I decided since it was raining I would pop into the library because someone once told me that is what a good mom does on a rainy day not just yell and freak out. While we were there I decided to take the kids in the Art Gallery portion where little people just shouldn't be while their mom is taking a call on her cel phone. "Don't touch that""You can't play the piano""If you break that so help me..."Ok enough of the library. Believe it or not I was once a librarian and an English teacher in a former life. The only books I have managed to read since I convocated University 15 year ago are:What to Expect when your are Expecting-5 timesThe DaVinci Code (I read 3/4 of the book on a trip and then rented the movie)Twilight(I read 3/4 of the book to see if it would be appropriate for my 12 year old to read and then rented the movie)A couple of books about lead in mini blinds and toxins in everything we have in our house that my husband told me I was not allowed to read before bed ever again!1 trashy romance novel about a naughty amish girl last year at the lake durring our holiday.That's about all I have managed to read in the last 15 years.....Sad! ( I guess I won't be starting my own book club any time soon.)
I had time today for laundry. I learned you should take the pull up out of the pjs before you wash them.

Look how fun he thinks it is.

This is the kind of bill I have to hand in to my accountant....Hope they appreciate art.

Here is the cord part of the lesson. I wasn't trying to untangle just merely find the cord for the video camera. What is wrong with the world when technology doesn't allow us to have one cord to plug everything in. I spent the better part of two days ripping apart my whole house looking for that dumb charger to a dumb video camera that I can't figure out how to work anyway. Someone told me once that may be anxiety...............

I wonder why i can't find the cord. My suggestion to all the organized people out there is to label a new cord with a sticker when you get it......I won't do that because that would ruin my two day frantic scavenger hunts.

This is my graphic illustration of the fundamental difference between my hubby and I.

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