Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rokochy Rodeo

The family packed up the hutterite wagon (yes we need a vehicle with at least seven seatbealts and we often get mistaken for a group of hutterites. People try to wave me down and buy potatoes and cabbage ahh if they only saw my garden they would know all I can grow is weeds! ) and headed out to the Dickie farm to participate in branding and castrating. Kind of ironic to go to the "Dickie" farm to watch calves get their nuts cut out!
I wasn't sure what to expect since I have never been to a branding. I know my husband has helped out before when he lived in Ranch Country. I was shocked on many levels at the experience
- at how the kids all jumped in and weren't one bit afraid.- at how even the dog Daphne jumped in with no fear and my couch potatoe city dog turned out to be a cattle chasing farm dog
- at how incredibly sexy my husband was in his flanel plaid coat and work gloves (I told him we would have to play rancher and run away cow later which is fitting since I have been known to spray milk from time to time! Eww)
- how my husband could castrate boy cows ( i don't know the right term for a boy cow with no balls I think a steer?) since he recently went through a similar surgery......The big V if you know what I mean. And those cows just got up, ran away and carried on with their day and they are just babies! You didn't see even one of them with a bag of peas on the couch whinning that their wife was leaving to go to her splurge group after they had their nuts cut out....Not even one!

This cow is lucky #7 look at the mark on his head. Pretty neat

After a brief rain delay they finished up the work and then there was time for socializing and some great food. The Dickies really know how to put on a great spread! They are such great people.The best of the party was the Keg . The two little boys fought over who would fill the glass. They circled the room asking people "do you need another beer? " People would chug back the end of the glass to make them happy so they could fill up another glass. Who knew a keg of beer could be such a great babysitter. I am not sure if they are legally old enough to serve liquour so let's keep this between us...

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