Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What to Get for the Man who Has Everything...

Ask any Mom what they would like for their birthday and I bet a maid for a day is on the list.  So why not for Dad's birthday save him hours of shovelling.  I had a backhoe (I think that is what they call it, Hey I'm not a dude) come over and shovel our driveway.  Happy Birthday Honey.  Nothing says I love you more than saving you from hours of shovelling.
 He did take a lot of grief from the neighbourhood boys and in the dressing room. Look a hill for the kids to play on.

On a different note here is the end of Movember.  Congratulations to all those guys out there who lasted 30 days with their Mobros.  Heres to the wives who put up with whisker rubs.  This was a great Dad I met doing their family pictures.  He was raising money for Cops for Cancer and I thought this picture of him and his little bud was so cute!  Like Father Like Son.  

Such a great cause!!

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