Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Forgotten Child

When you have more than one child, sometimes it is hard to make sure everything is "even steven". You have to make sure you give them each equal one on one time, the same amount of presents, equal face time on the blog,etc.  but I find that a daunting task.  Poor Carson!  Pat is still waiting for me to post  Christmas video and pictures from last years concert.  So here are the pictures from this years concert and then a blog post I wrote about all the things I forgot to post about Carson and then I forgot to post it 6 months ago.  Bad Mommy!

He sees you when you're sleeping!
 Ho Ho Ho who wouldn't go.
 Hi Carson.

 Carson asked Santa for Buzz Lightyear to fly him anywhere in the world.

 Ellie wasn't even scared.  She just wanted candy!

Here is the missing Post!

On this day I was excited to be the Helper Parent at Carson's school. When your parent is the helper you get to be the leader and do show and share for the class.

So what's important to a four year old that they would want to share with their class? A picture of Carson and Dad.

A Bronco bell for his favorite team the Broncos. His daddy takes him to games and he shakes the bell. He loves Charlie Horse and all the treats at the game but most of all spending time with Dad.

I'm Four

This is fun!

Story Time

Mom of the Year with non homemade snacks!

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