Sunday, December 5, 2010

Darci, A Golden Olympian and A Dragon

 I love to blog and one of the best things is being able to see how many people visit my site each day, week, month.  I am able to access information like where people are viewing my blog and how they came across my site.  When someone does a Google search for Corla Rokochy or the circus house they are directed to my site.  Other top searches also include Splurge Group ideas, beersbee, Dragon's Den and in the top five is Darci Lang. 

Darci is one of the most amazing women, moms, business people I have ever met she is without a doubt one of my greatest inspirations.  I remember the first time I met her over a decade ago. I was in Regina one day in July on my way to a Roughrider game and stopped in at Mallabar Tuxedo Rentals to get more information about The Most Incredible Bridal Show.  Darci is an unforgettable lady but she has the ability to make you feel like the most special person.  I remember her coming out to meet me, this beautiful little lady with the big hair, warm smile and a firm handshake.  She gushed over my photography and told me how beautiful I was.  Talk about great for the self esteem! Ever since that day I have been a huge fan of Darci.

I have been a vendor at the Bridal Show twice and have seen Darci in action.  Motivated, talented, organized and spunky would be great words to describe seeing her mange and MC the show with her husband Darren. Darci inspired me to run a Bridal Show here in Swift Current and when I let her know what I was planning she offered to help me in any way I needed!  Without her as an inspiration I would have never thought of taking on such a big project and this February will be the 2nd Annual Wedding Show in Swift Current. 

 I was lucky enough to photograph their family and got to see what great parents they are to their adorable kids.  Darci has been an inspiration to me over the last decade and I know she has been to many, many others through her motivational speaking and her book and CD.  You can check out her website here Focus on the 90%

Darci was featured in the summer issue of Fine Lifestyles Regina as an influential woman and one of  Five Extraordinary Citizens.  I would have to agree that Darci is extraordinary and deserving of the honor.  (I was also excited to see an article about my cousin Sharla Shaw and her Tidy Time Saver business in the same magazine pg 117-118)  Darci was kind enough to answer some questions for my blog last year in my Moms I admire section.  Now if Darci could just inspire me with her fashion and hair I would be set.  I am pretty sure Darci doesn't sport the "Mom Bun" on a daily basis!

Without Darci I wouldn't be writing my blog which helps me keep my magnifying glass on my 90%.  I do have a lot to be positive about.  I wouldn't have a lot of great contacts I met through the Bridal Show.  I wouldn't have taken a risk and gone on Dragon's Den but I knew that I had to think of the 90% great things that might come out of it.  Speaking of Dragons Den Darci is currently speaking with Robert Herjavec who of course had my utmost respect as a business person, author,  and Canadian investor.  Along with Hayley Wickenheiser who, as I told you before, I think is such an inspiration as an athlete and mom and such an amazing representative for Saskatchewan and Canada to the world.  Those are some fortunate attendees that get to hear these three inspirational and accomplished speakers.

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