Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend.

When Pat and I first got married we took the money from our wedding and went furniture shopping.  Our high end tastes took us to Regina to the Sears Bargain centre to buy our entertainment stand.  If you think setting up an entertainment center is hard you should try when they send you home with one box of a set of two!  

Our other stop was "Brass and Such" where we spent $150 on a table and six chairs.  Thinking that would be plenty for our future family!  Our luck continued as they sent us home with only 5 seats for the 6 chairs.  

The time has come to put this old horse out to pasture.  This table and chairs has seen us through 10 amazing years, 5 different homes, 4 children being born, countless meals, homework sessions, heart to hearts, coffee and baileys, you get the point.  

Like the fine lines that have begun to appear on my face I guess it adds character.  I hope Pat doesn't send me to the dump if I get this many lines.  I paid $10 extra to have the table taken to the dump but I have a sneaking suspicion it may end up at the local Hutterite colony.

Carson giving table one last hug.

Here comes the fine people of Fine Furniture Oasis to deliver the new table and chairs I didn't tell Pat were coming.
Carson and Daphne helping out.
Thumbs up from Carson.
Did you need my help?  Hey Carson remember the rule, whenever someone comes to our house to work you owe them $1 for every question you ask them.  Carson still talks about Horse from Sasktel that installed our SaskTel Max and now Carson loves the Flyers thanks to Horse's influence.  Much to his Dad's dismay.

And it wasn't just the table that needed to go.  Of the original 6 chairs there were only 2 left.  The others we filled in with chairs from a Credit Union auction.  They look like they had come from Freddy Kruger's house.
 I am not supposed to say anything about Dragon's Den but one thing I can tell you was I was nervous and for some reason kept inviting the dragons to come for supper because Pat is such a good cook.  Can you imagine Kevin O Leary sitting in this chair?  Yikes.
 It is not just kids that wreck stuff in our house. This was our Golden Retriever that used the chair as a chew toy!

Hey Miss K grab the camera and capture the surprise when Pat sees the new table!
Great Reaction! 

What beter way to enjoy a new table and chairs then to have it arrive one hour before our 6th Annual Christmas Carolling where 75 of our friends come for buns, soup and singing!  Welcome to the family new table I know we will make lots of new memories with you.  

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