Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rokochy Randomness

I have been threatened by a certain someone to put something new on the blog or suffer the consequences.  I won't tell you about the fact that Levi has a girlfriend because that would embarass him. So I will share some random happenings in the busy, busy month of December. 

Bronco mania on Cody Eakin bobble head night!

Kiss inspired make up.  Take note of Kelsey's two front teeth that you will see later on are no longer!

Carson's playschool craft.  A Christmas ball with his hand print painted into five snowmen.  So cute.
I just got Girl Gotch into the store.  Rebecca is a mom who created this product.  She has been amazing to help me in sourcing my socks to China and questions about labelling so I am so glad to have her gotchies in my store.
Supper Gotchie Girl.  Ellie liked them so much she put on one pair over her diaper and one over her pants.  I think she is ready to potty train Mommy just has to be home for more than one day.  Potty training is my Christmas Project
Super Gotchie Girl rescues small dogs from the cold.  
She loves the Girl Gotch box to keep her treasures.  She had been using a wipes box but couldn't get it open or got her hand stuck in the pull out slot.  
Kelsey had a game in Gull Lake that he and I jumped in with the coach.  It's just too bad I didn't leave the van keys at home for Pat to go to Levi's game.
What a shot!
The Bobby Orr like dive
The good old zamboni.  Love it.
I love small town rinks.  Nothing like a homemade bowl of soup and handmade burgers.
The Coach giving the boys a pep talk.

See the missing teeth.

I love the orange pants it's the only way I can pick him out.
Yes! A goal!!!!

Thumbs up for a game well played.
Off to the pool for a post game dip.
Yes we know Movember is over I think we are into Beardcember.
We are getting in the Christmas spirit.  Our table showed up at the Christmas party in understated Christmas attire.  We actually had to sit by the wall and plug ourselves in.  
 Where's the mistletoe?
 Pat was actually trying to have an intelligent conversation.  Who could take him seriously in that hat?
 Pat was a contestant in the game show portion of the evening.  Minute to Win it.  I had high hopes but he was second out.  Taken down by a Fruit Loops Puzzle.  So unfair!
The festive ring leader even talked some fellas into nail polish.  

 We are so proud of Olivia and how well she plays the violin.  She spends lots of hours practicing.

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