Friday, December 31, 2010

No one puts Baby in a Corner

 No one puts baby in a corner.  Except baby herself of course.  If the house suddenly becomes quiet and I realize I haven't see Ellie in a few minutes I know there is trouble.  She is usually in the closet.  She takes whatever makeup she can find and runs to put as much on her face and the walls as she can.  She has started to hide to poop, hide to eat full packages of gum (paper and all) or to play her siblings DS generally anything she knows is bad. 

She obviously knows she is doing things that she is doing something she is not supposed to be doing.   My escape is the tub. I tip toe quietly up the stairs trying to avoid doing supper dishes and try not to tip off the baby I am going to the tub or she will want to join me.  It usuall lasts about 10 minutes before there is a knock at the door, "Mommmmmy, I tub too." 

Maybe I should try hiding behind the TV, but I wouldn't take gum.  You would find me back there with a bottle of wine, a Carmel Machiatto and a stash of chocolate.  The ironic thing is those are all my indulgences and just like lipstick and full packs of gum I know I shouldn't be doing it but choose to anyway.  I have a hiatus hernia that I have inherited from my Grandma and I really need to lose weight and stop drinking coffee and wine!  So if you are looking for me and the house is too quiet just check behind the TV!  Good thing its a wide screen!

What would you be doing behind your TV if you could escape your life for an hour?  Read a book? Have a nap?

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Elaine said...

Well, our tv is mounted to the wall so there's no hiding behind it!

My escapeism is to go curl up in the old comfy chair in my studio with a novel or my sketchpad and some chips and soda. Or go catch a coffee with girlfriends.

It's been a long time since I had stuff to really escape from though - my issue these days is actually the reverse. I have to prod myself to go be sociable!