Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ukrainian by Marriage

I was so lucky to marry into a big wonderful Ukrainian family.  We get together twice a year.  Once in the summer to golf, eat, visit, eat, play bocce ball, and eat some more.  In the winter we also get together to celebrate Christmas.  Last year was the first year we rented a hall for the first time.  Before that it was always in Baba's basement.  No matter where we celebrate there is plenty of love, games, fun, hugs and yes lots and lots of amazing food!

Here is Ellie perched up at the island watching Aunty cook nummy pancakes and sausage.

 As soon as we get to the hall Pat makes our appetizer.  Bacon Cups.  You take Bacon and wrap it around a carot the cook it in the oven until it makes a cup.  Then you can fill it.  Pat roasted red peppers, garlic and olive oil.  Pureed it with cream cheese and piped it into the bacon.  Brilliant!

 Dips and spreads.  The artichoke was my favourite this year.

Homemade Kubasa.  So amazing.

I love Baba's perogies even though I ate so many that now I too am white and doughy.  Note to self do not try on a bathing suit on January 2nd.  

 Wheat.  They bring out the wheat and borscht first and I think Kelsey thought that is all there was for supper because when we all lined up at the buffet he said he wasn't hungry because he had eaten three bowls of that cereal.  It is sooooo amazing!  Great for breakfast with some cream.  Heaven.

 Baba's beautiful Kolache a Ukrainian braided bread.  I look forward to it every year.
The aunty's make desserts.  
This is my first one Dad seriously.  
 After all that eating we better play some games.
 Or spend the whole weekend on the phone.

 Trivial Pursuit.  Olivia was the roller.

Ellie ate the entire weekend.  
She got marker all over her banana.  
 Time for presents.
 Apparently I packed a pair of jeans for Kelsey that didn't have a button.  So instead of finding another pair or telling me he just spent the whole day playing mini sticks and basketball with his pants falling down.  Uncle slim tried to give him an adjustment.  Good old Kelsey he is kind of laid back.  
 Presents!  Carson's were light up shoes and when he smacked the present you could see the lights.  He thought that was awesome.  
 The runners will be great for everyone to walk in Disney!
The girls got makeup.
 And more makeup.

 What do you mean I can't play with the makeup.  That's my favourite.
Everyone got a makeover.  Here is Baba with a sweet little makeup artist. 
 Carson had the warrior look.  
I think Kelsey was a daisy or daffodil.  
Aunty brought Gingerbread house kits for the kids.  They had a lot of fun and ate a lot of the building supplies.  
Then it was time for Bingo!  Uncle Slim was such a great Bingo caller.  I think it was his calling......

The little helper.  

In the blackout Bingo Olivia and I won but I think Uncle Slim may have helped us by not calling the one   number Levi wanted.  
It was the best time.  We were missing Grandpa and Grandma but we are counting the days until we see them!  

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