Wednesday, January 5, 2011

GNO- Yuk Yuks Wanna go?

How has your first week back to real life been?  If you're like me you are feeling a little squishy, a little tired and maybe a bit overwhelmed getting back into routine.  The ray of sunshine in the morning is that yellow school bus rounding the corner to take the kids back to school but the tough part is getting them up, dressed and fed to get them out the door.  On Monday I actually had to brush Olivia's teeth, dress her and shove the toast in her mouth as she was part comatose.

So hopefully we make to Friday, and if you would like to go celebrate with a Girl's Nite let me know.  To thank you for being a loyal blog reader I would like to buy you a ticket to Friday Night's Yuk Yuks Comedy tour at the Sky Centre.  Sorry boys, it's girls only.  So shake out your mom bun, tuck in your muffin top and tell your hubby you are going out.  I have 6 tickets for the first 6 ladies to email me that you would like to join me  

A bit about the show.  I cyberstalked the three female comedians last night.  I think they will all be fantastic.  My favorite was Lori Gibbs

First the women will stand in front of a moving train and as a photographer I appreciate that kind of determination.  Second she has a blog which makes it easier to stalk her.  I watched her clip on the site and she is funny! Shocking I know a funny comedian.  

The other gals are Karen Okeefe and I really hope she is funny because she is way to cute and skinny for me and the best I can hope for is that she has saggy elbows which you can't tell in her picture because she is hiding them with her long sleeves.  She  looks like a young  Bree van de camp from Desperate Housewives! ( I prefer Lynette but you know that)  She looks like the kind of girl who wears yoga clothes to actually do yoga and not for sitting on the couch.  I will give her a chance.  


The third mousketeer is Allyson Smyth who like myself is a former teacher that gave up the chalkbrush to pursue her passion!  I think she has an edge to her so I will appreciate that!  

This clip is great.  I hope my friend Alison appreciates the girl named Alison crying in the bathroom part.  And I hate to say it but she may be right about the Dean part too.  May have been dumped on my birthday by a Dean but I'm not bitter.  And Sam leave Jeff at home!  

Ok I am looking forward to Friday and I will give you the downlow review on Monday !

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