Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cabri has a Heart Part 1

Dog River is not a town in Saskatchewan it's every town in Saskatchewan.  In Dog River that special place to eat was the Ruby Cafe.  In Cabri if you want to experience home baked goodness at its best you need to visit Paulette at The House of Heart Cafe. With school being out we decided to take a road trip out to have lunch with Dad. We left Levi in Swift and Mr. M tagged along.  He kept asking what kind of restaurant we were going to and that he was going to order chicken fingers or fish and chips.  I told him that this restaurant wasn't that kind of place.  I couldn't explain it he would just have to wait and see.

 On the drive home I was thinking about The House of Heart and I was reminded of the Corner Gas episode where they are in a curling bonspiel and Lacy is yelling, "Have a Heart" while the are sweeping the rocks.

Everyone has a drink.  
This is right up our alley!
Even the water has character!
Start with something fresh and colourful.
Everywhere you look are neat little things that make it feel like you are right at home.
The buns are amazing!
The meal always end with something sweet!
Kelsey could still eat even though he was missing some teeth.
Ohhhh goodness it's yummy!
Kelsey wanted to pay for lunch.
The horseshoe coat rack.
Look at all the goodies you can order!  I will take one of each please.
The smell of these buns takes over the whole place.
Then after a delicious lunch we are entertained and fed some more at the Credit Union.  The logo is a butterfly and the color is green.  So you see a lot of that around.  On the walls.
On the top of the tree.
Hiding in the tree.
Even love for the puppy!
Follow me I will take care of you!
There are so many things I love about small towns.  In Saskatchewan the people are what makes them so special.  And Cabri definitely has a lot of great people!

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