Thursday, January 20, 2011

Countdown to the Den- two weeks to go!!

Loved Dragons' Den Last Night. Just imagining at the end of next weeks show they will have a teaser for our segment. Next week on the Den...... The Circus House invades! Please excuse the lack of upcoming blog posts as I prepare for the airing. A lot of interviews with newspapers and magazines but when the radio phones I have to break out the container of jelly beans to keep the two year old quiet. It has been a great year full of adventure and learning.

I would love to hear from you what you think is going to happen. Did we get a deal? How much money did we ask for? What percentage did we offer? If we got a deal how much percentage did we give? What dragons were in if we got a deal? The closest guess will get one of the first pairs of Snappy Socks off the presses!

Also, if any of my readers or their kids are artistically inclined I am accepting drawings which can be turned into sock creations. My friend and fellow photographer Bobbi Jo as well as my Graphic Designer Staci from Copies Xpress and her daugther have created designs for me already. It is an amazing thing to a concept go from a drawing to a finished sock.

Here is the link to the template. Just print it out and get out your pencil crayons and markers and design. You can scan or photograph and email it back to me at

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Catherine said...

We have our calendars marked Corla! It's going to be fun to watch you/your family on TV. Very exciting! We will be watching tonight for the teaser for next week. :)

I sure hope you got a deal ~ but if you didn't ~ I know you will find a way to make it happen!