Friday, January 14, 2011

Carson is 5

Carson turned 5!  We try to take the kids out for a special breakfast to start their special day so we were up at 6 but not quite quiet enough to get out of the house with just the tree of us.  
We aren't usually home for Olivia's birthday so she set the alarm on her DSi so she would be sure to not miss out.  Of course it also woke up the 2 year old terror!  She was really happy actually singing bouncing and smiling.  A bit to much cheer for 6 in the morning.  
Called into the Magic 97 and Ryan was shocked that a 5 yr old would pick the Modern Restaurant over the ones in town with play centres.  Here his is laying on the coats waiting for breakfast.
So cute they brought his pancake with a candle in it.  

Birthday Party. We played musical chairs.  The kind where no one gets kicked out the just have to share chairs  

 So excited her friend is coming!  Wouldn't life be great if we all showed our friends we cared about them this much!
Superbrad to the rescue.  He delivered the cake and stayed to help wrangle 12 kids hotdogs, cake and melted ice cream.  Thanks buddy.
 We know Grandma and Grandpa will enjoy the cake Carson picked for his birthday!

 After the cake I sent them to the front room while we cleaned up and we would open presents.  Apparently that sounded like go to the front room take off your shirts and wrestle!
 A signed Cody Eakin Shirt wowwwie.

 He was a busy guy taking all his birthday calls.
 After the party we all crashed including me.  Left the mess and went for a 2 hour nap. That's right.  The kids got home and set up the Hot Wheels track that I couldn't figure out.
 Not used to the 6 am wake up call!

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