Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rokochy Elves

We are busy busy putting the final touches on our Christmas preparations.  I have visited a few of my friends for Christmas cheer and I see their houses all decorated with perfectly coordinated Christmas trees that have a silver theme with white lights and ribbons placed with mathematic precision.  This is how the Rokochy's roll at Christmas time.  2 year old elves put the finishing touches on Christmas cards while mom is in the shower.  
 Stamp, stamp, ohhhh lipstick break.

 Hmmmmm how do I look?

Just so you know Ian and Donna that one is yours.
 Ellie's first haircut.  Carson bawled his eyes out for his fist two years.  Not Miss Ellie!  She loves it.  We may just have someone for Levi to practice his Cosmetology course on.  My 14 year old boy said to me the other day, "So Jadon was giving me a facial today at school....."  This is the same kid that Levi got in a fist fight with in grade 7 and got suspended and I said oh someday you be friends which they are and now they are giving each other facials........

 Carson and Kelsey "clowning" around going around and around in the chair.

 The keepsake.  

Sitting still to get beautiful.  

 Sissy to.  She wanted short.

 The reward!

Now we are ready for the Christmas picture.  See the theme of my Christmas tree?  Christmas chaos or mish mash.  I am surprised there isn't a grilled cheese sandwich in there.  
 This Christmas I pick you.

 Kelsey at his Christmas concert.  He is no grinch but his clothes may have been two sizes too small.  He did great!
 Missing his two front teeth too!

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