Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ace Rokochy

Nine years ago I was living in Gravelbourg the mother of one child.  A five year old little boy who had went half days to kindergarden.  We would hold hands and I would walk him the block and a half to the school where he would give me a kiss goodbye in the bootroom.  I was counting the days until our family would be four.  I thought about the iconic Credit Union sign where my husband worked with the mom and dad holding hands with the little boy and little girl.  I was not so secretly hoping that I would be having a little girl as I bought pink sleepers and dressed and spent nine months cross stitching a girly wall hanging for her room.

I can hardly remember nine years ago what I was doing to occupy my time with only one child who was in school half days.  I was a member of a hard core bowling league.  I commented to Pat that there weren't really any ladies my age there (my team captain celebrated her 80th birthday that year and then soon after quit the team after a hip replacement.  I knew we shouldn't have given her the royal bumps)  but Levi was a big hit and I recall the day the ladies asked him about having a new baby.  He informed them that the baby was going to be named "Ace".  Now nine years later I chuckled as we were making fondant with her "Ace of Cakes" baking set.  

Not may kids would want to make their own birthday cake but Olivia is considering being a chef when she grows up and loves to cook!
This recipe is from The Breast Friends Cookbook #1 and is the chocolate cake with brown sugar icing.  A favorite choice for birthdays at our house.  

The best thing about baking is licking the spoon.  
Hey Kelsey take a picture of us baking.  

Ok one picture not a hundred.  

One of our adopted kids (our hockey billet) came for a visit and cake and took the kids skating.  What a saint!  Olivia is talking to G+G on the phone for her bday.  
Here is Olivia's present from last year that took us a year to getting around to because you need a microwave to cook the cake which we haven't had for over 2 years!  So we brought it to Grandmas to create the masterpieces.  
It is the original Ace of Cakes.  
So many sparkles and fondant.  Grandma just about snapped because the kids all pronounce fondant with the same accent as Buddy from Cake Boss.

I don't think of it as a mess just free spirited artistic expression.  

The proud bakers.  

Cuttng the cake.
Happy Birthday my sweet little girl.  You are an Ace to me!

The boys didn't turn out quite as perky but they were still happy with the final product.  

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