Monday, December 20, 2010

My Son the Artist

Being a creative person I have always dreamed that one day my children would be artists and today my dreams came true as my first born son started his first job as a "Sandwich Artist"following in the footsteps of our babysitter Miss K!  I was very proud to drop him off this morning and he admitted to being a little nervous.  I told him to turn his phone off, smile and not to touch any part of his body while making food to serve to the public.  

See there is the smile.  

 First time for everything he made his Mommy lunch!  Way to go I am so proud of you!
He said the girls he worked with were awesome.  Funny, patient and generally awesome.

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Niz said...

so many jokes

he will be 400lbs by St. Pattys Day

A little mayo for you.....

a little mayo for me

Ketchup subs...mmmmmmmmm

The ear...storing Ketchup since 2001 and now accepting mayo

They will have to keep a lock on the microwave bacon

sorry we are all out of the orange cheese (says Levi the Artist ...with a mouth stuffed with orange cheese)

Fired for being told for the fourth time that ketchup goes on the sandwich and not inside the ear

Subway unable to find hat to fit massive buffaloian head

Drool now available in a sandwich..

Is that a subway sandwich in Levi's pocket or is he just happy's a sandwich and a bag of chips.

Whole wheat bread Levi?
I didn't think so.

Eat yer heart out Jared the fat guy from Subway...Levi has a new way to loose the pounds...The Ketchup sandy...only half the calories...and still has all the great ketchup taste.

Sit down Justin Beiber we have a new Canadian Artist of the year..Levi MF Cross ladies and germs.

Green Subway shirt was white when he got to work.

Was that Subway or Chubway?

Overheard in back of Subway..

"Hey wait.. are you tossing all that freash bread and day old cookies?"

"Uhhh Yeah"

"Not on Levi's watch good Sir"


"I think I will make this sandwich a meal again today"

"Two cookies and a pop ...don't mind if I do"

Paper headlines.....

Local subway first subway in the History to claim other news...

Local teen needs to be cut from home and carried by ambulance (fork lift) to local gym

Local Gym in desperate need of new equipment

Local economy sees massive shortage of microwavable bacon

Bacon Crisis reaches day 76

BP called in to consult on Bacon crisis

In financial news today

Maple Leaf Foods Inc makers of deli meats and bacon record record fourth quarter profits.

Local teen burns Subway to ground to cover up chicken meat crimes.

Local teen actually has girlfriend and she is a real living person...named Micheal

stay tuned