Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Perfect 10!

This year it was my turn to plan our wedding anniversary and it is the big 10 years.  Even though we went to Vancouver/Victoria I still felt the pressure to do something special on that day.  Especially after what Pat came up with last year...

Well we all know I don't cook so for the third time in ten years the awesome Kelly from Pic a Deli prepared a dream meal for us!  I just told him when and were and he did the rest from picking the wine and beer to the menu.  Candles and flowers, the whole restaurant to ourselves and personal service.  I can't recommend Kelly highly enough if you want something special for an anniversary or Christmas party even at your own home.  More than a meal an experience.  

 The ambience.
Chilean wine and Mexican Beer
My cute husband.  Since I was in charge of the day's plans I made him wear this golf shirt from 10 years ago.  We wore these shirts at our rehearsal the night before we got married.  We gave them to the wedding party and our parents and will never live down the fact that I forgot to get two for my brothers that were ushers!  
We will probably pull them out again for our 20th.  
Bring on the food.  This was  a cold shrimp appy with tasty marinade.  Wow what a start.  

Look at how thin the slices of cucumber are on the plate.  The bread was warm and delicious and the avocado is my favourite.  Kelly remembered me saying that last year!  What a guy.  
A Shooter of something to go with the avocado.

Here's to ten magical years.
Unreal how this tasted. Some italian sausage and cream cheese.  And we still aren't into the main course.  
Zucchini, cheesie potatoes, teriyaki steak, cheese filled zucchini and roast tomatoes.
Some kind of frosty Baha concoction.  

A latte with liqueur.  DDDDDElllicous.  
Woops I forgot to take a picture of the cream cheese brownie swimming in warm vanilla custard.  
I am glad after that meal I wasn't the one who had to curl.  Pat and his crew at the CUMA bonspiel.  He made the uniforms all by himself.  What a crafty guy.  

The last suprise of the night I had the CU marketing girls print out a poster for the lounge.  I also called Rod Pederson's radio station to have him wish Pat a Happy 10th Anniversary on 620 Sports Cage. It was awesome he actually did it!  I am sure it will probably get him beat up in the dressing room at his rec hockey game!
Well there you go.  Tag Pat you're it I can't wait to see what you come up with for #11!

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