Monday, November 8, 2010

#51 forever 49

My mom and I had the privilege of attending the Plaza of Honor where the inductees were the three winning Saskatchewan Roughrider teams.  My Dad and Uncle played for the 1966 team so off we went to Regina to join in the festivities.  I helped my mom pick out two outfits she could wear and then convienently stole one to wear myself.  She made me return it in the parking lot as she knew she would never see it again otherwise.  
There were images and videos playing throughout the evening.  I was so excited to see this one of my Dad, Uncles and Grandpa.  

There were over 1200 people in attendance.  It felt like having supper with the entire town of Davidson. The food was beyond amazing!
Some of the souvenirs we got to take home. 

The wine was delicious but they took the lids off so I couldn't stick those in my purse.  
 My Dad's team mates.
 The slide show

 Action film of my Uncle Wayne.
George Reed spoke on behalf of the team.  
It was wonderful being there to celebrate my Dad being inducted into the Plaza of Honor.  I miss my Dad a lot and this is one way to remember him and for my kids to get to know about their Grandpa.  When he won the cup he was only 23 years old and since he passed away at the young age of 49 I never saw him grow old.  Many things he missed like seeing me convocate from University, walking me down the aisle, rocking grandbabies, retirement.  He missed a lot of good things but I realized watching some of his team mates walk with canes, inject insulin at the table, and take pills with supper, even request milk to the table instead of the wine.  He also missed a lot of the aches and pains of growing old.  For me   my Dad is frozen in time a vibrant, funny guy full of energy and life with barely a grey hair on his head.  To my kids their Grandpa will always be that 23 year old smiley faced hero winning the Grey Cup, bringing pride to his family, his home town, Davidson, and to the entire province.  #51 will be forever 49 in my mind.

 It was indeed an honor to be there!

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