Monday, November 15, 2010

Make The Connection!

Like many of you parents another weekend just passed with many many hours spent at the local arena.  One topic that kept coming up as the moms sat in the loby between periods eating rink burgers was cooking meals.  I know not everyone is as lucky as me to have Patty cooking for the family but now you too can have a Patti make you a home cooked meal.  Dinner Connection to the rescue.  A lovely lady named Patti will do all the work for you!  Shopping, preparing, and clean up for your family supper and all you have to do is pick it up.  Don't want to do even that much?  They will deliver within Swift Current limits for $10.

Get a group of moms together and someone brings up Dinner Connection.  "Oh I have heard of that.  What did your family think?"  The answers vary from, "It was delicious, the kids loved it and we had leftovers", "The garlic shrimp is amazing", "The prices are so reasonable and no work involved", "The slow cooker meals are so easy."

My Patty had to leave town for a meeting and instead of hitting a drive thru I phoned Dinner Connection and ran over and picked up two meals.  For the night he was gone we had beef enchiladas.  I made myself some weight watcher food which I ate and then ended up eating half an enchilada because they looked so darn good!  

 The cool reusable bags.
What a sport.  After a day of cooking she was still up for an impromptu photo shoot!

The second meal I put in the oven the next day and took the kids to swimming.  I got a text from my hubby when he arrived back home from a long day of meetings it said..."Do I need to make anything to go with this yummy looking/smelling casserole in the oven?"  He actually thought I made it and then doubted if I had been passing off Dinner Connection meals as my own in the past!

If you are a busy mom like me.  (The two words are synonymous) I encourage you to give the other Patti a call and get some great family meals in your freezer for the long hockey season ahead! She will even do your Christmas baking for you!

(I meant to take pictures of the meals but we were ate them too fast!  But they looked good, you'll have to trust me)

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