Thursday, November 18, 2010

Motherhood Video

As I have told you before I have spent 45 months of my life pregnant and 60 months breastfeeding!  Today I came across an interesting video made as a marketing piece for a company that makes and sells breastfeeding bras.  I love supporting mom businesses and here is a bit about the owner of Nummies.

Alison Kramer is a mom of three and owner of Nummies nursing bras. A Waldorf parent, hot yoga addict and reluctant runner, Alison loves her busy life balancing the ups and downs of running a business while being a parent.
Before kids, Alison was a Kinesiology graduate (never practiced) and Social Worker (barely practiced).  Nummies was named for her children’s word for breastfeeding, which she's been practicing in love for seven years.

So What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time?  I would need a whole day I am sure.  Things like, "Someday this baby you are breastfeeding will ask you everyday for a blackberry!"  I could think of about a million of those but I think the biggest thing I would tell myself would be , "Enjoy this, it will be over faster then you know it!."

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