Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Breast Friends enter the Den

For all you Dragon's Dens fans please tune in December 8th to watch 10 of the most passionate, kind, funny, giving ladies I have ever met pitch to the Dragons. 

Their fourth cookbook just came out and it is a Christmas cookbook.  It would be a great present for a loved one.  Who could resist good old Saskatchewan recipes tried and tested by 10 Grandmas!

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My mother in law is hiding in this picture but she is on the far right in the picture below and in the green vest in the bottom picture.  

This is their story copied with permission from Gateway publishing

Breast Cancer Fundraising Cookbook has now raised over One Million!

A breast cancer fundraising cookbook that started out as an idea among 10 women from the small Canadian town of Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, has become a bestseller and raised over one million. The Breast Friends fundraising group was so successful with their first three cookbooks that they produced a fourth fundraising cookbook with Gateway Publishing Inc. entitled Breast Wishes from Breast Friends - Women working together for a cure.

“We approached Gateway with an idea for breast cancer fundraising that quickly became reality. Our breast cancer and cancer fundraising cookbooks have garnered national media attention and strong continuing sales. A big part of our success can be attributed to Gateway’s professional cookbooks and its helpful staff. Gateway’s flexible approach has helped us grow from a small organization with a vision to a growing foundation that distributes cookbooks that serve a very meaningful purpose.”

For The Breasts of Friends, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan

If you are considering a fundraising cookbook for your organization and would like to learn more, please contact us Toll Free at 1 (800) 665-4878 or e-mail us at cookbooks@gatebook.com for a free package on how to develop your own fundraising cookbook.

Breast Friends Fundraising Group - A Little History
The Breast Friends came together as a group of menopausal women from a small Saskatchewan community that, like most women, had been affected by breast cancer in their families, friends or colleagues.

Linda Helgason, one of the founders, had a scare with her own health and with the loss of some very special people, decided to ride with the Prairie Women on Snowmobiles to raise money for breast cancer research. Nine friends jumped on board to act as her fundraising committee and became Breast Friends.

The group decided to host a banquet in their small rural community to raise $3,000. The banquet was a great success to say the least. They raised $8,000. During the banquet and for many days after, the committee was asked for copies of the recipes for the dishes that they served. Another idea blossomed.

“Let’s publish a book with the banquet recipes, and a collection of our favorite recipes, and make money for breast cancer research.”

The “For The Breasts Of Friends” fundraising cookbook was the result.

Fast Forward - Where Breast Friends Are At Today

"For The Breasts of Friends" fundraising cookbook #1 hit the marketplace in June 2004 to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer. The book became a national bestseller in less than three months.

"For The Breasts And The Rest of Friends" cookbook #2 hit the marketplace in January 2006 and was dedicated to fight all cancers. It was consistent with the high standards of book one and actually garnered the golden national bestseller seal before book #1.

The third cookbook in the series, Breast Wishes from Breast Friends - Women working together for a cure, was launched in April 2008. Pre-production orders for the book were so overwhelming that the book was actually a national bestseller before it even hit the shelves.

Breast Wishes is a celebration of life. It is dedicated to the many women living with, and in spite of breast cancer. It speaks to the small positive steps that are being made toward combating the disease. It talks about the strength of women and the importance of girlfriends. It makes us laugh and it serves up food for thought.

All three cookbooks are truly comprehensive, each with over 400 uncomplicated, certain-to-please recipes, from delectable appetizers, salads and well-known family favorite entrees, to comforting soups and scrumptious desserts.

The cookbooks are illustrated with appealing color photographs and also feature cancer facts and advice. These unique fundraising books also contain beautiful quotes and quips that will make you smile. They are dedicated to loved ones that have lost the fight against cancer and to the hope that we will soon see the end to this dreaded disease.

To date $1 000 000 has been donated. 

Our Latest Cookbook
Breast Wishes for Christmas
Breast Friends cookbooks have generated over a million dollars in the fight against cancer. The ten Breast Friends, energized by hitting this wonderful milestone, have gleaned and gathered all of their Christmas family favourite recipes. They've included some seasonal quotes and some heart warming holiday stories in this beautiful Christmas collection.
Their hope is that season after season this book, and the good grass roots work that is being done through it's sales can continue to bring folks some measure of comfort and joy.
Net profits from each book are donated to cancer agencies, equipment, research and patient needs.The group makes every effort to make donations in areas where books are sold.
Each book costs only $14.95 plus GST and shipping.


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