Monday, November 22, 2010

We know they can Dance!

Last week we were excited to get a chance to watch our dancers in action.  The studio had a "Watch Week".  It was nice to see how excited the kids were to be ther.  

Look at me!
Everyone wants to be by the boy!
Kels is surrounded by girls.  Lucky guy.  In the routine he gets to lift a girl.  He has been practicing with Car at home and if he doesn't get the moves right he knocks him to the ground.  I hope he doesn't do that in class.

Watching big brother.
Follow the leader.

Are you watching?
Big Smile
He's sticking his tongue out to help him concentrate.

Wow what a stretch.
She looks like Miss Melissa's puppet.  
Concentrating like her Dad.
Gabbing like her Mom.

Great Job!
Speaking of Dance.  I do carry all kinds of Dancewear at the store including bodysuits, tights, and most recently this team wear.  It comes in black and can be embroidered.  Jackets, pants, capris, tank tops, headbands, bootie shorts and even black cuddle bubbles.  If your team is interested email me  They come from size 4-ladies 8. Thanks to my lovely model.

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