Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Lizzard

Here is a picture of the little Lizard I gave birth to two years ago with little more effort than a sneeze she slid into the world while only her Dad stood by watching!  Such a precious little bundle she only weighed 5 pounds she was ten days early and I think a bit undercooked.  A little disappointing since I was hoping to give birth to a waterbuffalo sized baby around 53 pounds so I would have less to lose.  

Two years has passed far to quickly I barely remember when my precious baby didn't even fit into her own skin!

We started the days celebration with Mom's super special from a box pancakes.  I would have put chocolate chips in them but SOME people eat them right out of the bag. (ok it's me)
 There are many comments that Levi doesn't make the blog very often but look at this.  Hey I think it's funny that he made himself boiling hot cappucino but he probably will be mad.
 Quiet coloring while mom gets ready for the toddler party.
 I braided Ellie's hair and put on a party dress.  Until the kids showed up she said over and over.  "I no like i! I know like it"  Sorry it's painful to be pretty.
 The aftermath.  And to think she won't even remember this party.  Last year I got her a present from the basement and put it in a gift bag.  This year I didn't even bother.  She will be old enough soon to be asking for everything in the Wish Book.

 And Pat spent the whole night before cleaning up so it would look nice for the party!  Sorry hunny.
 Well we started the day with markers why not end it with markers.  Her sister put her red dance lipstick on her cheeks and it wouldn't wash off.

Then add permanent marker to the table and her lips and cookie.  Perfection!

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