Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloweeeeeeen- Updated!

**** This portion of the blog is an update because Levi complained he wasn't in this post and because Miss K also comented, "Where is Levi"****

First of all Levi sleeps until noon if I let him and we carved the pumpkin at 10 am.  Next everything Levi says to me now begins with .... Don't put this on the blog but......

As for Haloween there comes a time when unless you are a parent taking a child trick or treating you are too old to Trick or Treat.  There are cities and towns that have passed bylaws that children over the age of 12 are not allowed to Trick or Treat if you get caught you have to pay a $100 fine.  If your town has not passed such a law and you are a parent trying to decide whether your child is too old to trick or treat let me give you my list (this is only my opinion you can feel free to disagree)

You are to old to trick or treat if:
You shave.You own a blackberry.You have to ask your boss for time off to go trick or treating, you have a car, a girlfriend, boobs bigger then the moms handing out the candy. Your Haloween costume consists of your second year Bantam hockey jersey. Part of your Haloween plan involves trying to get into the Shack. 

This is just my opinon. 

If you think a parent of 5 can sleep in the morning after Greek Nite you would be wrong so when everyone is asking why are you going home so early that is the reason.  

Sunday Morning Pumpkin Carving.  Ellie doesn't want to be recognized.  
We pu the guts on top for hair.
You can see the roses Pat bought me for our anniversary behind Ellie.  They are from Smart Flowers!
Happy Haloween!  I love pictures there are no sound.  These kids were driving me bananas but when I look back at this picture in 10 years I will think how sweet they look.

We set the box of chips on the step and went Trick or Treating and Olivia was so worried someone would steal the whole box.  I told her what about your bike on the driveway you aren't worried someone will steal that I think the chips will be fine.

Costumes,  Avatar, Monkey in a tutu, TNMT and scary face!
Look at all the loot!
Sweeties in the wagon.
Blue Princess. I wasn't going to buy her this costume since it was only in an adult size and was expensive but she cried for an hour and I caved.  She promises me she will wear this costume for the next three years.  We will see.

This cracked me up.  What a good Dad to dress up.  Homemade by a colleague it is construction bristle board covered with felt and styrofoam balls.  Love it!
Sleeeeepy Monkey.  

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