Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's up on Wisteria Lane

Good thing..... Up on time everyone ready and made pancakes. Bad thing......it's 40 bellow with windchill so I decide to give the kids a ride. Bad thing....Levi "starts" the van by turning the key but not starting the engine so now the van is dead. Good thing.....awesome neighbour with clean van lets me borrow her vehicle. Yes the awesome neighbour with the clean van also has a clean driveway, clean house and clean kids with brushed hair. She is the Gabrielle Solis to my Lynette Scavo. Good thing..... when I pulled onto Wisteria Lane a Tow Truck from Low Cost Towing was already boosting someone down the street so now I don't have to bug the candy lady and my husband's oldtimer hockey buddy from next door to boost my van or start Gabrielle's on fire by trying to boost myself.

How about you? Are you sick of winter and ready for Spring to be here? What's up on your lane.

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