Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Should be Dancing.....Ya!

With the end of the hockey season upon us our focus shifts to dance.  Kelsey will be in one last 3 on 3 tournament and then we will pack up the stinky hockey equipment until August. Yesterday, Kelsey had two teeth pulled, then went to an hour long 3 on 3 practice and then straight to dance class for 45 minutes and then 45 minutes of stretch class.  Wheeeew what a trooper.

 Last weekend I drove to Wynyard to photography the Wynyard School of Dance with my sister in law Shannon of Backyard Studios in Foam Lake.  We had such a great time, it was fun to work together. Before we left town we did our dress rehearsal for the kids dance competitions.  

I love in this picture how the boys are completely enthralled in video games and ignoring the girls.  Olivia loves the swishy skirt and her sissy is in love with her and everything dancing.  If you ask Ellie, "What are you going to do next year?" She says, "I go Dancing!"  To which I reply, "Well then you have to poop on the potty. "
On stage at the Sky Center, I don't know what lit up the room more his silver shirt or his smile!

 He gets to twirl and lift the girls in his class.
 Brag Alert.....  Yesterday after Class Kelsey received his results of his dance exam.  He had asked to take the exam, filled out the form and reminded me to take it back before the deadline.  He worked really hard with extra lessons and practice at home and missed some of his hockey to prepare but all his hard work was worth it as he passed with a mark of Highly Commended!  The examiner for the test was Brian Foley the man who created the dance Syllablus 30 years ago along with his wife Faye.   Kelsey got a real kick out of the examiner, Mr. Foley, as he was so much fun!  Way to go buddy we are very proud.  

Olivia's turn on stage.  She said to me later the next day, "Mom my legs are really hurting."  So I told her.  "You have missed school for 4 days and the only exercise you have had is changing chanels so when you get up and dance your heart out for 30 minutes then maybe your legs will hurt."  I could tell by her face she thought I was brilliant.
 So proud of my dancers.  Carson and Ellie were in the audience and Ellie sat with the girls and was so good.  Carson on the other hand was mad when he went to the bathroom and saw the Casino and asked to play video games and his mean mom wouldn't let him go play the vlts.  Then he put on his coat and said he was walking home because he was mad he wanted to dance on stage too!

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Unknown said...

Hi!! It is Stacie from Love You Always & Forever! I just spent the last hour reading your blog and watching your videos! LOL! I love your blog!! Your Disney posts were amazing! We were just there last year and I am DYING to get back there! :) And I didn't realize you were on The Dragon's Den! Being in the US I guess I wouldn't, but wow what an awesome opportunity!! I really think your snappy socks are such a brilliant idea!! Thanks for checking my blog out!! Oh and my boys play hockey too!!:) Fun times eh?!