Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun Fabulous Friday

Enough sad talking about sick kids.  I have more pictures to share from Disney World.  This time Typhoon Lagoon. We picked the warmest day of our trip to head to the sand and spend a great half a day swimming and sliding.  

Levi reluctantly stopped and let me take a picture.
Quite and impressive place and we almost had it all to ourselves.

The little two spent a lot of time in the sand and the wadding area.  No need to drag shovels and pails there.  The kid's lunches come in a pail or you can get a cheap one at the gift shop.
Look out mom.
Such a dickens.

I'm the King of the World.
Holding up the ship.

A friendly Foam Laker.
Hunk of the Month Club.  Patty!

A lady stopped me because of my sweatshirt.  Go Riders, Where are you from?  Swift Current.  Oh me too!  What are the odds?

Enjoying the sand instead of the snow for a while.


We soaked up every minute of sun we could until it started to rain.  Not content to pack it in we all geared up to meet the rest of the crew at Magic Kingdom.  It was a wet night followed by hours of blow drying runners.
The members of the Orange Brigade.
So awesome the passed out pose.
Sunburnt brothers.
The night owl.

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icefairy said...

Hi Corla, you've some amazingly cute kids! I'm a new follower. Thank you for stopping by my site. Have a great week!