Friday, March 4, 2011

Disney Memories First Day at Magic Kingdom!

You have to get to Magic Kingdom for the opening!  Like everything at Disney they do it up right!

 Hello everyone.
 Thanks for having us Mickey!
 Fellow Foam Lakers.

 Grandma and Grandpa and the Grandkids.
 When I saw the Mayor all I could think is why doesn't Jerrod Schafer greet me everyday on Mainstreet when I am on the way to Urban Ground?  I will have to bring this up at the next City Council meeting.
 Note to self.... Remember where the First Aid station is.
 Our first character was in Frontier land with a hilarious Frontier Donald.
 I think Donald needs reading glasses.

 This is my favorite autograph.  Donald drew on all Olivia's princess.  Too funny.
 Love all the extra hands for my kids to hold!
 Grandpa took us on our first ride.  I thought a nice gentle train ride.  Wrong.  Hold on tight!

 Insider Parent Tip for what to wear in Disney.  Above all wear comfy runners.  Do not try to have fashion shoes.  If you are wearing flip flops be careful people with runners don't step on you while waiting in line.  Wear bright colors.  We could see this green hoodie from a mile away!  It was a great thing to wear and cuddly too!
 The captain was fun for the kids but also the moms as he was quite cute!

 A pirate fan.
 He recruited some of our kids.  He could see the twinkle in this one's eyes!
 Sword fight.
 "Look the Govenor's Daughter."  Now run away.

 Why does Brad Pitt have my baby?  Oh wait that's Pat.  I love the stubble!  Aunty fixed Ellie's hair with a flower off the towel from the hotel.

 Being sworn in as part of the crew.

 An official Apprentice Pirate.
 There is a baby on a leash.
 Magic Carpet time.

 Can't get the monkey off my back.
 Passed out.
 Who else wants a turn with the leash?
 Napping in Pinochio's restaurant.
 Back up outside Mickey and Minney's house.  She played on these slides for an hour.  I think she would have stayed there all day!
Here is my most important tip for Disney.  Coffee.  The group had to wait a lot for me to get my coffee fix.  The best coffee places I found were.  Lattes outside of the Tower of Terror,  have one when you come out not before you go in.  The Writer's Block across from American Idol at Hollywood.  They had awesome baking too.  Other places for Lattes just outside the gates to Epcot and in the pavilions.  Sushi in the Japanese pavilion and margaritas and nachos were great there too.  The best place to eat was the Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney and the Fulton's Crab House where we had an amazing server Della!


Anonymous said...

Glad you see I'm not the only one who thinks cute monkey backpack/leashes are acceptable for times like that! People who put their nose up at them obviously haven't taken their little ones to disney land!!

Jess said...

I;m so jealous right now. I'm a new follower! Simple Mom Solutions