Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sleepy Saturday

It's amazing the things you can find to entertain you on a Sleepy Saturday while your two year old naps, your 14 year old is making sandwiches and money and your husband is reliving his teenage years at a Old man hockey tournament.   I was supposed to go to Saskatoon to reunite with my long lost Photography friends of the PPOC Sask but the redhead with a swollen eardrum and a temp of 104 takes precedence over mama time.

I have sat a snickered through a lot of videos on this site just dreaming what I could do to promote Snappy Socks when they arrive.  Here is a video from Improv Everywhere.  Don't go to this site unless you are bored because if you have potatoes boiling on the stove they will boil over because you think I will just watch one more.  Ok one more....... last one. All the videos are funny but, I loved the guy who was "lost" at the Knicks game.

Have a happy healthy weekend.  Try to find some time to be spontaneous!

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