Friday, March 11, 2011

What a Character!

Having never been at Disney before I didn't really know what to expect.  I imagined the characters strolling down the street giving "High Fives" to passersby.  I think at one time that is how it went until the characters would have inevitably been mobbed by overexcited tiny fans.  Now the characters are escorted through the park by helpers and find a spot where you line up to have a photograph or autograph.  Mickey and Miney are in their own house where you get some private time with them to visit!  The kids loved meeting them all.  

Here we are at our hotel waiting for the bus to take us to the Contemporary hotel beside the Magic Kingdom for our Character Breakfast.  It was a cool day but we were so excited it didn't matter.  
The kids checking out the popular vinylmation.  Tiny Mickies that are decorated in a million styles.  I think people trade them.  I saw a group over adults emerge from a store at Downtown Disney with treasured boxes in hand and with childlike anticipation they counted 1,2,3 and then ripped open a box to see what they had got inside.  Which one did you get?  Ahh I love that one, I need that one.  Reminded me of kids on the playground with a pack of hockey cards.  Too much fun.  
We had a reservation for breakfast and the bus just wasn't coming fast enough so our group jumped into taxis.  8 of us could fit into one van which cost about $20 from our hotel to the Contemporary Resort.  
The monorail runs through the middle of the hotel where we had breakfast which means there is an open passage to the outside, which means there were birds flying around in the hotel.  I imagined my mom covering her head and running for cover from this poor little birdie.  
The kids were prepared with their autograph books.  Carson was concentrating so hard that he followed a group of strangers thinking it was his family.  
Levi got all styled up for Daisy and Minnie.  
This was one of my favorite moments on the trip.  You realize in going to Disney it is not just the action and excitement, the rides and shows that you will remember and cherish.  It is the quiet moments on a bus ride at the end of the day when your child snuggles you, games played at the airport to pass the time, jokes shared in the hotel room while kids are trying to fall asleep.  And waiting for your name to be called for breakfast when a Dad can slip off with his two grown sons to and share a moment where he tells them about the lake and renting a boat and you know in your parents eyes you are always their little kid.  
Chef Mickey.

Everyone twirl your napkins.  
Thanks for breakfast Mickey!
Ellie LOVES Minnie.
I think Carson learned his moves from his Dad.  
The big people love the characters too!
High five  er....... four!

Mom makes a brief appearance with Pluto.  Got to get out from behind the camera once and a while.  

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Awesome family! Following back from Hayden Coupon Mom!! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly review your cute socks!