Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey Coach

Like a good episode of Sesame Street.  What do these two pictures have in common?  They each have a Coach in them.  

This is my pink Coach purse that I bought in Florida.  I went to the outlet mall with the 14 year old to shop and found myself hating a past time I used to love.  There once was a time when I would work all summer as a lifeguard just to spend every cent I made in a day long shopping trip with my Mom to the Cornwall Centre.  I didn't understand then why my mom hating shopping so much.  At the time I was a tanned teen with a tiny waist.  Well at least with a purse it is one size fits all and I didn't have to go in a cramped change room with fluorescent lighting and look at my equally fluorescent white skin.  So this was my one thing I bought for myself on our Disney trip.  It is pink and purty and has butterflies on it.  I am sure the people at Coach would recall my purchase if they saw that I take it to work with my lunch inside a Diego lunch kit.  
This is Coach Pat with Kelsey's team just before we did their team picture.  This weekend was the last hockey weekend until next year so a big farewell to the rink!  Carson went from laying on the ice making snow angels to a real hockey player.  Kelsey played all positions this year and loved being in goal.  Levi had a great year and was a real team player.  Now that he is older his practices are so late at night that I had to stay up to go get him.  Next year he will be getting his learner's licence and will want to drive home after hockey!
  I went looking for the coffee Pat was holding for me after the team picture only to find a giant brown blob on the ice that was being cleaned up by the zamboni. Ah well I probably slept better by not drinking coffee at 5 in the afternoon!

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