Friday, November 13, 2009

What's so great about a Bronco Game?

When you are a kid in Swift Current a Bronco game is a pretty big deal! So what is the big attraction for kids to come to the rink and support the team? Let me show you....

Waiting in line to get game tickets.

Sitting on Dad's knee.

A visit with Charlie Horse.

Sitting at the game with your buds. Parents three rows away. Very independent!
Kids Love Charlie Horse.

Probably some of the smartest parenting on record. Bring your kid into the game in the car sear. They can't move and you get to watch the game! (Pat's Brilliant idea!) My parental contribution give Ellie a balloon which is the #1 choking hazard for kids.
Treats! Ice cream, pop, cotton candy, hotdog, chocolate bar, popcorn. What will we have in the second period?

Possibly the highlight of the game for any preschooler is the Zamboni! New this year is the "Subway" Blimp.( You can see it on the left hand side of the picture. It flies around and drops coupons) Kind of ironic that we eat Healthy Subway so we don't turn into a blimp!
Future Broncos. The coolest thing of all is having your hockey team play between periods of the Bronco game. I am not sure who was more excited the kids or the parents. Pat was Mr Mom sewing Kelsey's name on the back of his Jersey so everyone knew who he was!

And the special celebrity Ref was Charlie.

The look on Kelsey's face says it all. This Wednesday the 18th Kelsey will be the Bronco's seventh man. He gets to stand on the ice during O Canada with the starting lineup! So Cool!

So if you asked these kids, "What's so great about a Bronco Game?" They would Answer, "Everything!"

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