Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't Make Me Sick- The Up Side

I was told today that if Swift Current ran short on flu vaccinations that they were blaming it on my family! We have to have a total of 11 shots for the H1N1 in our family.

I learned a lot from a good friend Darci Lang who I met 14 years ago through a bridal show in Regina. She is an amazing woman and her message is to "Focus on the 90%" When 10% of things are going wrong and falling to pieces move your magnifying glass to the positive 90%. She has an excellent message and if you ever get a chance to attend a seminar or workshop with Darci I highly recommend it. So even in a houseful of sick kids when 90% of the kids are home sick (including mine last week) I am trying to take Darci's advice and focus on the positive!
So here is the "circus house" version of The upside of being sick.

Good Thing #1 Staying in your PJs all day. Making a bed in front of the TV out of couch cushions.

I give bonus points to anyone who can count the random socks and kleenexes in this post.

Ohh " I Carly" We love that one. I am going to do "I Corla"
Good Thing #2- You can wear whatever you want when you are sick. Even your older brother's way to big gotch. Good Thing #3- Medicine for pain and fever. As soon as I get Ellie off the boobie (yeah I know she was one last week but lay off I am to lazy to get up in the middle of the night and get her a drink or the middle of the day or in the morning. I got milk on tap) Anyway when I get her off the boob I am going to dose myself up with all the drugs they wouldn't let me have when I was pregnant or breastfeeding. I am not even going to wait until I am sick I am going to make myself the biggest cup of Neo Citran you have ever seen and sleep for a week.
Good thing #4- Hmmm this is going to be a really hard one since there is not much good about finding dirty, snotty, ewwy gooey kleenexes in every inch of your house. I guess at least it makes for an interesting picture.
Lets move the pile to a more neutral background. Very artistic. I think I will call this image "Snot Mountain"
Like I said you can look however you want and no one judges.
Good thing #5 The food you get when you are sick. I have such strong childhood memories of gingerale, toast, crackers, soup, pudding, and freezies. All part of the awesome sicky menu. These are all things that I am capable of making!
This slurpee made Ellie crosseyed
It is as big as her and matches too.

Hey wait a minute I wasn't done with that.
Don't make me angry!
The best thing of all is the minute Dad walks in the door to take over! Yeah my hero and the guy behind the slurpees.
Hey gotchie boy lets see what I can find for you.

Big Bro to the rescue.
None for me?
Oh Thanks

Good thing #6 is awesome Drs., nurses, pharmacists, and everyone who helps us get through it!

Kids are amazing creatures. In the emergency waiting room one day and trick or treating the next. If only it was so easy for us adults. Just remember even in the times when your kids are sick and you are getting no sleep, you have to miss work and activities and the body fluids are coming out of every opening. That the best thing for a kid who is sick is having their mom or dad with them. Just being there for them is the best medicine there is.

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