Monday, November 16, 2009


One of the many things in my life that I look forward to is dates with my girlfriends! I am part of a Splurge group where my fellow moms and I leave our mops and pails, husbands and children behind and for at least 2 hours a month we visit with real grown people! Each month one person hosts an event and is in charge of all the festivities. We take a break for December so I actually am excited to be in charge of the next get together in January which gives me plenty of time to plan. Here are some fun photos from one of our last nights of fun.

We were invited to attend a murder mystery party where we each played a character. The theme was murder at the beauty pageant and my role was the reigning "Miss America" I loved the role even though I felt it was "typcasting" ! Everyone got very into their parts and the costumes were hilarious. I think we all need to explore our creative side more often. Thanks girls for all the laughs.

Here is the link to program for the evening. A mystery for an all ladies cast.
Killing for the Crown

This beautiful lady can still wear her grad dress after two kids! Not fair.

We are all there for the food and drinks and visiting.

And the laughs.

And Giggles

A lot of work by the hostess.

Oh so pretty.

A bridesmaid's dress brought back to life.

She looks scared of me. Olivia made my crown!

Now we're friends.

Miss Photogenic

Miss Congeniality

Miss Mobster. Don't mess with Nina

The investigation

I think she knows something.

Now for the talent competition....The worm.

and the dance off.

And what would a beauty pageant be without a novelty act.

I can just hear Diego now, "Watch out Hawk you are standing too close to that cougar."

This was one judge who couldn't be bribed! Look in the window and you can see me taking the picture (good thing I shaved my pits)

Laughing at the victim's performance

Me on the other side of the camera for a change!

The gang.

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