Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our Canada!

The November/December Issue of "Our Canada" Magazine just came out and I am excited to have written and article and my photography is also featured from a Photo Essay I did at Herbert minor hockey day. I even have a bio in the front of the magazine. I put a picture in from a couple of years and a few pounds ago! I also put in there that I was a motivational speaker so maybe I will be getting calls to take the "Circus House"on the road!
This magazine publishes reader submissions so those of you who do amazing Canadian Photography why not send something in to be published it is a great feeling. (you know who you are Devona and Catherine.....anyone who has a beautiful image should send it in)

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Here is the story I wrote for the magazine!

was raised in small town Davidson, Saskatchewan where the heart of the community was the local arena. That was the place where everyone came together not only to cheer for the local team but also to celebrate the birth of a baby, an engagement, a good year in the field, and catch up on the latest local news. The rink was a place for spending some quality time with your mom or dad at those early morning practices. Dreams of becoming a player in the NHL or Canada’s next figure skating star were all a possibility. The game being played on the ice was important for sure, but so many of the memories I have from the rink have nothing to do with hockey or figure skating at all.
When I stepped into the building in Herbert Saskatchewan on Minor hockey day to photograph the team pictures my eyes had to adjust from the bright sun in the parking lot to the dim florescent lights of the lobby.When everything came into focus, I felt as if I had been transported back in time to when I was a young girl coming along to my brothers’ games. The first thing I noticed was the smell of burgers cooking on the grill. I made my way over to the booth and saw the little kids perched atop a wooden stool excitedly picking out their five cent candy. There were home baked goodies, pies and soup. The game is much more enjoyable on a full stomach.
There were fantastic parent volunteers taking money at the door, selling 50/50 tickets, coaching the teams, running the penalty box and score clock. It takes an entire community to run a small town rink and everyone had come out to support the local teams. Some of the older kids were involved by reffing and helping move nets during intermission. There were moms pushing babies in their strollers and visiting over a hot cup of coffee. The kids were playing mini sticks in the lobby with a big ball of hockey tape. Older siblings and parents were hauling over sized bags of equipment and sticks in through the lobby making their way to the dressing rooms to warm up the cold gear.
The highlight for me was during the intermission when the old tractor and Zamboni, came out and cleaned the ice for the next period sporting a bright orange toque as the hood ornament. I am not sure if it was merely for decoration to match the orange tank of the Zamboni. Much like the rink itself the Zamboni was not new and slick but it still got the job done and held many memories. If that old tractor could talk I am sure it would have some tales to tell about the sights, sounds and goings on at the local arena.

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