Monday, November 9, 2009

My Studio/Store

We pause the regularly scheduled chaos and destruction to bring you this advertisement from Photography by Corla and Corla's Kids Dance and Yoga Wear.

In the middle of sick kids, romantic get aways, volleyball, immunizations and a million other things I am actually working. I have been in my studio now for just over a month. Even though it is a slower process than I had hoped it has been ready to use for photography since day one. I am loving having separation between work and home. The studio is gorgeous and it is allowing me to develop a retail side to my business. I am currently carrying Limeapple kids yoga wear, Bumbo seats, Grobags, Bella Bands, Maternity Camisoles, and other cute baby accessories. Another thing I am excited about having in my new "store" is Dance wear. I am going to be carrying Mondor tights and bodysuits and hopefully, eventually I will have shoes as well. My hours are still being established but I am typically at the studio Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10-4 and Saturday afternoons.

I just got the "cuddle bubble" hoodies in today and they are soooo soft. I will post pictures later. This was from our fun photoshoot of the limeapple stock!

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