Thursday, November 19, 2009


My blog has been a little neglected since I have been distracted by moving into my new space, but just recently I have had "blog news" . First of all I signed up for Google Ads in July. After watching Mommy Bloggers on Oprah talk about making a gagillion dollars from home. Well I don't think I am going to retire but I did get my very first check from "Google Adsense" The check for $122.00 came in a plain white envelope that much resembled junk mail so for a week I carried it back and forth from my studio with notes on it until I was going to throw it in the garbage and thought maybe I should see what was inside before I threw it out and lo and behold there was my first payment for being a blogger. With just over one hundred blog entries I guess that works out to $1 a post. I think a paper route would be more financially rewarding and I would get a little exercise but I have to admit this is more fun! So thanks to all of those of you who have been reading the blog and visiting the sponsors links on the site! Maybe the seven of us will make it to Disney afterall.

In other late breaking news I just found out that my entry into this summer's "Today's Parent" magazine blogger contest was chosen and starting in December I will be the newest blogger for ! I will be letting the whole country in on the chaos at the circus house!

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Catherine said...

Congratulations Corla! Good for you! Very exciting indeed.