Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fridge Reading

A palm reader can tell you about your past, your future, and even your destiny. There are people who can read your tea leaves, your aura, and possibly your mind. My new talent is the ability to read your fridge. Send me a picture of your fridge and I will tell you things about yourself you didn't even realize and unfold the many mysteries which lay in front of you. I will start with my very own fridge.

The first thing would be the color. Simple white. What this tells me is that this fridge was not taken from your parents basement because then it would be harvest gold or potentially even green. You are independent and have purchased this fridge on your own. This fridge has only one door so there is no freezer compartment meaning you must have a need for a large deep freeze to store gigantic amounts of food so I will guess between that and the amount of artwork adorning the fridge that there are children in the home.

The artwork means that someone loves you. Someone took the time to sit down with scissors, glue, markers, glitter and tissue paper and make something to let you know that you are their "Sweet heart". The best gift anyone could ever receive you should cherish that piece of paper for at least a week until they bring you home a new one covered with chocolate pudding or shaving cream (Carson's very creative playschool).

There are schedules and newsletters which would indicate you are a very organized person with a lot of places to be and keep track of! Good for you for placing those reminders in the place you visit frequently. There is a to do list with nothing but scribbled pen so again congratulations your work must all be done. Very efficient Mom you are.

There are pictures on your fridge which means you love to look at your kids all the time. They are just so cute. You even have a ultrasound photo on your fridge so you must be a hard core mom ( the truth is when I was pregnant they told me I was going to lose her so that was the only thing I was going to have of Ellie. I took it off the fridge and put it in my china cabinet so I would have a way to remember her but look now it is proudly displayed beside a beautiful picture of her in daisies! I am so lucky!)

I can see by the fact that everything on the fridge is crowded into the top quadrant of the fridge that there must be a little person in the house that acts as a human paper shredder/wrecking ball for anything hung under three feet off the ground. That baby may come in handy in case of an audit. "The baby ate my receipts!" Sounds believable doesn't it?

In conclusion, many good things are in store for you. Your children will love and cherish you and do all that you ask of them with a smile on their face, your husband adores you and lives to make your life easier.

Wow all that from a fridge. Feel free to capture a candid image of your own fridge and email it to me at and I will give you a free "fridge reading". Just promise you won't rearrange anything it has to be "as is".

Next week, What does your kitchen table and chairs say about you.

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Diana Kirk Koenning said...

LOVE IT! So true!!! Sounds just like my fridge!!
-Diana Koenning