Monday, November 16, 2009

Dancing with the Greeks

The highlight of this weekend was going to the Greek Nite with my fabulous husband and my Mom came in for the occasion. Usually she stays and babysits and eats Kraft Dinner while we go and feast on spanakopita, dolmathakia, souvlaki, baklava. I must have been Greek in a former life because the food it just the best ever! When I imagine what heaven will be like I know I will be eating dolmathakia. This Thanksgiving Louis D even drove all the way to my house after his Thanksgiving dinner with his family to deliver a container of his Mom's homemade dolmathakia to my door. Talk about Thanksgiving! Who needs a turkey?

Speaking of Louis I think he may have had something to do with me being "randomly" selected to participate in the first ever "Dancing with the Greeks". Our mission was to entertain the crowd with a dance and then do a shooter of ozo. Sounds simple enough. One thing I love to do is perform and it is so unfortunate that I lack any real talent because if I did you would never get me off stage. I found out this morning there is video evidence of my dancing abilities. You have to watch until the end to see who wins!! :)

I am just getting dance wear into my new store and one of the companies has a four page information sheet to fill out and one of the questions is, "What dance experience do you have?" Well now I won't have to leave that one blank!

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