Tuesday, November 3, 2009

H1 N1 the immunization

I totally just cheated. I posted a blank post so that the time stamp would be Tuesday! I am busy busy with the new studio and it is leaving me less time for my reality shows and yes for my actually reality. So here I am with 6 minutes to midnight editing my imunization pictures and I know I won't make it.
The two little kids and I headed to the mall on Monday not for shopping which is a treat in and of itself but to wait our turn in the mass imunization against H1N1. Here is advice from a 13 year parenting vetran. Don't tell your kid they are going for a needle. Carson was completely unaware of what was happening. Maybe if we stepped off the elevator at the EI Wood building where we get our regular immunizations he may have clued in but what bad could happen at the mall? We got our ticket and Carson was so excited he thought it was a ticket into the Bronco game. Man was he going to be dissapointed.
He realized about 1 minute before the needle what was going on so I ask you, Bad parent for letting him think he was in line for a prize? Or Good Parent for saving him half a day of pre-needle stress. You decide. I also had to run the play by play in my head before we got into our cubicle. I figured better do the 3 year old first if he sees the needle and then the baby bawling he may not get it done.

Ellie eating her ticket.

#335 You are a lucky winner!

Levi's Volleyball playoffs. No cheering alowed cuz that is seriously embarrassing, seriously mom! Just give me some money and no cheering!

He's got his Mom's skills ( and my shoes too!)

Speaking of H1N1 Levi is leading the way in the post game "Elbow Bump" because I am sure that they all just touched the same volleyball for the last hour wouldn't spread germs but the handshake would. Well better safe than sorry you never know where a 13 year old boy has had his hand.

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Catherine said...

That's funny about the 'elbow bump' vs the last hour of passing the ball back and forth! So true! When Kurtis was in preschool - it was always about 'lice'. Make sure the coats and hats are in a bag, don't share combs, etc. For pictures that year, one boy had spilt his lunch all down the front of his shirt. The Teacher took Kurtis' shirt off and let the little boy wear it for his picture! Thank you to Kimbi (always the little mother-hen that Kimbi - even at the age of 5!) who told Michele who then told me. I phoned the teacher and give her the geers. So worried about lice on one hand and then taking the shirt off over my boys' head and putting it over the head of another kid. Honestly!!! And I totally would have let him believe he was in line for something other than a needle too! ha ha!