Sunday, June 5, 2011

Picnic Inn the Park

It had to be a recorder breaker.  Today's Innovation Credit Union Picnic in the Park had an 80s theme to celebrated the event's 30th birthday.  There were banana clips and back combed bangs everywhere.  I am sure it was the best attended and gave us the nicest weather of any of the Picnic in the Parks we have been to.  

Here is our crew that attended.  We were so lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa come for a visit.  Grandma even wore an Innovation Green shirt by chance and Grandpa wore his black Innovation Golf shirt that he wore to beat Pat in their round of golf this morning!

The kids love visits from Grandparents and they were all here this weekend to watch the dance recital.  

 The kids all won the cool shades at the games.
 Ellie let me French braid her hair.
 So sweet holding onto Dad's hand.
 Someone told Levi that if he walked around with Ellie all the girls would stop and talk to him!
 Double fisting.  Try the orange.
 Hmmm which one next?
 Better keep it equal!
 Let's go wait in line for face painting.  I have to go to work at Subway in an hour.

She is pretty messy to hold when you are wearing a white shirt.  

Daphers is pretty hot in her fur coat.  

Finally it's not her putting makeup on herself.
 Have to get the butterfly since it's the Innovation logo.
 Ellie needs Kelsey as a buffer between her and Fat Cat!  Love him but from a distance.
 Grown up!
 Eight Eyes!
 Standing still in line is hard after all the treats!
 Waiting for the train.  Next in line.
 No parental supervision!
 And they made it back safe and sound.
  Pat and I were 9 years old when they held the Credit Union hosted the first Picnic in the park.  Imagine in 30 years from now that we could be there with our 9 year old daughter and eating popsicles with who knows how many Grandkids????  Such awesome memories.
 Passed out on the way home.
 The end of another great Picnic in the Park.


poppyatsmarts said...

Always great to see your blogs- I didn't make it to picnic "INN" the park this year.... looks like I missed a great one!

poppyatsmarts said...

Looked like a beautiful day (finally) for Picnic "Inn" the Park- thanks once again for sharing your view...